Why Britmums?

When you launch a brand, especially a mobile app, the number one rule is to be useful for your audience and be where they are. When we set out to build the Memory Box app we spent time speaking with lots of people about collecting memories, photographs, family history and the technology that people trust […]

Oh dear! It’s world cup time.

Images from Solent News & Photo Agency, Daily Echo.   The world cup divides families like Marmite. It’s not the game of football itself that can cause problems in the family home; many families enjoy/tolerate the watching, discussion and moaning that every weekend fixture in the league brings. It’s that extra splash of Englishness that comes […]

Introducing pensioners to technology and combating loneliness

When you think about grandparents and technology you might picture a baffled looking granddad, stabbing all the wrong buttons with a frustrated grandchild by his side saying ‘but Granddad, it’s easy, I’ve shown you three times!’ But with families increasingly living further apart from each other, technology is proving a critical way to stay connected […]