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The thing about kids’ TV

We have a love hate relationship with TV. As a parent I’ve felt at times indebted to it and at other times despised it for being the altar at which the children worship! Of course it’s entirely my fault. When I wanted to occupy a toddler so I can do something more exciting like scale […]

Memory Box in Europe – TANDEM

Last week Flo welcomed two new members of staff to the team. It was our turn to host our European partner organisations who we are continuing to collaborate with on the Memory Box Tandem project.  Janine Weidanz, Project Manager, .lkj, Magdeburg, Germany and Doreen Hartman, Heritage Education Manager, Kunstbedrijf, Arnhem, Netherlands. It was a busy […]

Three generations together

On the news this morning they spoke about how rare it is to get more than two generations of a family together. It got me thinking about my family and those occasions when we come together. Outside of the obvious births, deaths and marriages we’ve managed to hold onto a weekly get together for most […]