What’s new in Memory Box 3.1 Update

Since our launch in late June of 3.0 we’ve been continuously looking at ways to improve Memory Box Stories based on user feedback and internal development plans. We are aiming to have releases out every fortnight that add new features, bug fixes and more to make sure Memory Box Stories is always up to date.

In version 3.1 we have focused on three new features: featured content, feedback and user search.

We now have the ability to update featured content at any time, this content is curated by the Memory Box team and will be accompanied by a short message about why we have chosen these stories. . The featured content highlights some of the best stories on Memory Box, we may even choose your story from our community to sit on the front screen of the app. Recent stories have now moved to the Discover page.

We have a great feedback system available via our website at www.memoryboxstories.com/support, this is entirely powered by an open source platform called User Voice. It allows you to provide feedback directly to us and for us to respond with our current state of development on any new features or bugs you find. We’ve extended this into the main app via the options screen on the profile tab. From here you can get help from our extensive knowledge base, contact us directly with a question or provide new feedback. We strongly encourage you to report any issues you find using this system and it’ll help us develop Memory Box Stories for the community.

Within the discover search screen you can now pick the option to search for users. This makes it really easy to find your friends and family. Simply start typing and search results will show, you can then select a user and see all of their public stories. We have no plans to make available any other information but your name, profile picture and stories shared with the community. It is extremely important to us that your story remains private and only available via your profile screen.

Finally, we have some smaller new features such as the ability to see your subscription end date on the store tab, seeing a location of the story on the iPad (coming soon to iPhone) and improved privacy settings that explain why we need access to the microphone and your camera roll and why we charge a small subscription fee to create over 20 stories (because we will never sell any of your data to third parties.)

We’ve also significantly improved a number of user interface aspects of the app such as pull to refresh on the discover screen, a better login, options and share screen as well as other minor tweaks and bug fixes.

We intend to improve Memory Box Stories rapidly and will be releasing 3.2 within the next few weeks with a new share screen, slideshow photo option and more.

Full release notes:
Search for a user on the Discover search screen and see their stories
See more stories from a user on any story screen
See featured content chosen by us on the home screen and additional text to explain this
Most recent stories are now available on the Discover screen
Send us Feedback directly from the options screen
Check out knowledge base for common questions on the options screen
Send us a message if you need additional help
See your subscription end date in the store tab
On the iPad you can now see the location of any story that has that data
Improved privacy settings with additional information to enable microphone and photo access
Pull to refresh on Discover screen
Improved login screen with animations and better layout
Improvements to the options screen
Smother navigation throughout
Improved messaging throughout
On some screens of the iPhone you will only see one column instead of two
Improved controls on Discover search screen
Changed report icon
Improved the tab bars to be more obvious when you’ve selected a tab
Spinner to indicate loading on recent and featured screens
Moved some of the story fields to a logical order, moved private toggle down to the bottom
Added analytics
Fixed the order of categories to be alphabetical
Fixed more stories crashing on iPad
Share appears properly on iPad
Better error handling when network has failed to get any stories or if you are offline
Other minor fixes and improvements