The Britmums Experience

So BritMums Live is over. Phew and relax!


Being our first year there we really didn’t know what to expect, other than it was going to be a rocket fuelled two days of meeting the good folks behind the blogs we’ve been reading.

We’d felt the expectation in everyone’s Tweets and blog posts in the run up to the conference. We loved all the re-assurances that were made to newbies like us, that everyone was there to learn and have fun.


And that’s exactly what it turned out to be. Fun and learning.

It was so nice to put faces to so many Bloggers names. I feel a roll call coming on:

  • Serena @BewilderedBug A fountain of knowledge with no interests in irons or ironing!
  • Ruth @Geekmummy Who rocked the dressing up with her husband John at the Wyndhams stand.
  • Wendy @savvywendy Who was there with her daughter and loving spending time together, it was great to chat with you both.
  • Emma @thecheshirewife Who sat with us a while and listened enthusiastically about Memory Box
  • Merry @MerrilyMe Who has boundless energy and smiled every time she walked past our stand.
  • Michelle @MsPurplePumpkin The first blogger we spoke to, who put us at easy and helped us relax.
  • Beth @BB576 Who cornered the market on enthusiasm. She was ace!
  • Jo @SEOJoBlogs who came up with more uses for Memory Box than we had thought of!

photo 14

There were many more lovely people, too many to mention in one post, but I can genuinely say I’ve never been to a friendlier conference, and I’ve been to quite a few.

I thought the venue was first rate too. The Brewery looked amazing. On the outside it resembled a scene from David Copperfield, a grand old working building put to good use as a conference venue. The staff we’re always available, friendly and helpful, so hats off to Brit Mums for picking a great place to house us all comfortably and it was easy to get gear for the stands in an out, which was a blessing.

I loved the other sponsors stands too; Butlin’s, Aga, Picota Cherries (Who gave us loads to nibble on throughout the two days), Wyndhams, A2Milk and others all made for a colourful bustling conference hub.


We chose to sponsor Brit Mums Live for two reasons. We’re about to launch our Memory Box mobile app so we wanted to show it to the people we feel will use it most, busy parents. And we wanted to meet the bloggers we’ve been talking to on line over the past few months.

The response from parents was universally good. Everyone understood what we’re trying to do with Memory Box and felt it was easy to use and fit with their needs as busy parents and bloggers.

There were some great opportunities to use the app the we hadn’t even envisaged including; travel and lifestyle bloggers who pointed out to us that they wanted to use Memory Box to capture images and provide audio commentary that will enhance the effectiveness of their blogging. Many of the Ambassador Bloggers who write for tourism destinations felt the app could add value by providing another media to add value to their holiday blog posts. And right out of left field, some Bloggers who used the audio blogging platform AudioBoo felt Memory Box could take it on and offer an alternative audio blogging experience. Feedback like this is invaluable to us.


Our abiding memory of the conference will be of the generous spirit of the bloggers. We talked to so many people that when we drove back to the North East we hardly spoke a word to each other in the car! Happy instead to listen to the radio and let our voices recover from two days of almost none stop chatting and laughing! It was a fantastic conference and a pleasure to sponsor it.



See you next year.