Why Britmums?

When you launch a brand, especially a mobile app, the number one rule is to be useful for your audience and be where they are. When we set out to build the Memory Box app we spent time speaking with lots of people about collecting memories, photographs, family history and the technology that people trust and use regularly. We found that people have a real need to capture the moments that mean something to them and their families. They were also conscious of time passing in their families and capturing the memories of their grandparents for their children. They felt that memories were for everyone to share and protect for the future.

A lot of people carried the ‘box of old photos’ guilt around with them – full of photos that all too often never see the light of day, and when they do they are passed from parent to child, the stories behind them lost in translation.

We did that too, we all do it. So we asked about how they felt about it, and everyone got emotional about hearing their family tell stories and how it was a shame that now all they have are photos to remember them. They told us that they wished they could hear them speaking and telling their stories again.

When we introduced the idea of recording audio to accompany their photographs, to in essence create a short story to bring their photos to life the response was overwhelmingly positive and emotional.

“I’d be very happy, and emotional!”
“Fantastic, I’d love it!”

We developed Memory Box to do two things – firstly, to create a simple tool to add audio to images and share them easily and secondly, to keep our collected memories safe. We’d discovered a need and we needed an audience who were natural collectors of family memories; an audience who understood digital technology and social media and were in sufficient numbers that we could put Memory Box in their hands and see how they would use it.

Finding the Britmums network was a Godsend! Finding that they held a conference every year that was attended by exactly the people we wanted to talk to was priceless. What has been wonderful for us is talking to and reading the blogs of many of the attendees. Their stories are heart warming, funny, informative and most importantly they are supportive of each other and their families. So it was a gift for us to be able to sponsor the conference and come and meet as many of you as we can.

See you on Friday!