A pile of memories

Do you have a guilty draw? We have one, it’s in our kitchen. It’s the draw we cram stuff into that we want to ‘do’ something with at some point and never get round to it.  We normally avoid even eye contact with it because opening that particular Pandora’s Box lets out the guilt and with it the truth, that our parents were right. We couldn’t organise our bedrooms as kids and we can’t organise our lives now!

This lot escaped the draw last night. A pile of photos, mainly of me that my mum handed to me in a plastic bag saying, “Here you go. You should keep hold of these!”

Looking at old photos is wonderful. They do spark memories. They mark the milestones of our life. The family holidays, birthdays and Christmas, teenage years, school photos, your mum’s efforts at cutting your hair!

I’m going to record the story of some of these photos. I’m going to tidy my bedroom mum!