What goes around, comes around

What goes around comes around!

“Why do I need a bath daddy?”

“So you’re nice and warm and clean for going to bed.”

“But I don’t like bath time daddy! Why do I have to be clean?”

“Because mammy said you have to be clean!” (Dodge the bullet. Shift the blame. Be the good guy!”

“Why do I have to do what mammy says all the time?”

“Son, life will be ultimately easier for you if you do what mammies say!”

“But you don’t do you?”

“No son, and that’s why daddy buys mammy flowers! To say sorry for being wrong, again! I tell you what, let’s just splash about a bit and wash your face. Don’t tell mummy! ”

Life lessons are hard. Sooner or later you have to accept that what you want isn’t always what others want. You try and soften the blow for your kids but you learnt a long time ago it’s better to learn the art of compromise and winning little skirmishes when the futility of winning the battle is all too clear.

I love my family and I love the little victories.

Post Note: What I thought was a little victory, in this instance it was turned sharply around by my son, telling his mum he’d only had to wash his face because daddy said! Betrayed by my own son, I went to the shop for flowers!