Make memories over Easter – 10 ideas for things to do with the kids

The Easter holidays are well and truly upon us. We may only be three days in but by the end of the week you can bet your bottom dollar the novelty of being off school will have worn off and it will be up to you to provide the entertainment.

Whether you’re juggling work and childcare and want to make the most of precious weekends and time off work spent with your family, or you’re a stay at home parent facing bored little ones reaching for the TV remote, making the most of the time you have away from the monotonous routines of everyday life is essential.

It’s always tempting to repaint that fence you’ve been meaning to touch up for a year or finally get around to giving the oven a proper scrub, but don’t forget to make time for family adventures and capturing moments together that you’ll all look back on in the years to come and smile about.

As a bit of Easter-inspired inspiration we’ve put together this list of ten things to do over the holiday:

1. Get your bake on

Not a domestic goddess? Don’t panic. Baking with kids calls for simple recipes, it’s all about making it fun. Get their fingers messy and teach them to kneed some dough for a homemade pizza or throw some ingredients in a bowl and make a cheesecake together. If you really can’t face the thought of getting the measurements right you can always get packet mixes or pizza bases (we won’t tell anyone if you don’t). Whatever you do, the fun really is in the decorating – let your little ones go to town and let their creativity out. Yes, this ‘creativity’ might go all over your kitchen, but hey that’s part of the fun. Who looks back and remembers fondly how spotlessly clean the kitchen surface was throughout their childhood?

2. Decorate Easter eggs

One of my favourite things about Easter when I was little was breakfast on Easter Sunday. I’d come down the stairs to find an array of colouring pencils and eggs waiting to be decorated. But it wasn’t just me doing the decorating, my parents would join in too and it was quite a serious event, who could draw the best egg design! My dad would then boil the eggs up and we’d have them as ‘dippy eggs’ for breakfast. If you want to be more elaborate with your egg designing than just drawing, you could blow the eggs and use pens, feathers, anything you can get your hands on really.

3. Let’s go fly a kite

If the weather’s sunny, there’s nothing better than gathering up some snacks and sandwiches and heading down to a park or a picturesque green spot. Take a ball, a picnic rug and get back to basics. Spending time playing in the fresh air with your family is a simple way to provide hours of entertainment and do something a bit different.  Teaching your little one to fly a kite if you have one is always lovely, just make sure they hold on tight! Alternatively, you could have a go at making your own kite. Kids always remember making things with their parents – even if they don’t always work out, there’s always a memory and a funny story.


4. Be a bookworm

Dust off that library card and take your kids to the library. Kids love having the freedom to spend time choosing their own book and often there are storytime sessions or workshops available in libraries for kids.

 5. Go on a fairytale adventure

There are some fab National Trust gardens and parks out there just waiting to be explored. There might even be woods or countryside near you that’s completely free. Wherever you go, make it into an adventure. Splash in puddles, dig in the dirt, go and find bugs, climb trees, tell your kids the woods are enchanted . Make your visit into a story and watch them light up.

 6. Go on a quest

This could be as simple as hiding some Easter eggs in the garden for your kids to find. Or you could be more elaborate and get involved yourself: Give them a list of things relating to spring to find – most of us have camera phones these days, so go on your own little quest together, take some beautiful photos and capture some moments together. Tick each item you find and photograph off the list have a reward at the end.


7. Get your feet wet

Who doesn’t look back fondly on memories of donkey rides, soaking socks, paddling in the sea and building sandcastles? The British coast is no Costa del Sol but it can be stunning on a sunny day and it’s always a great way to blow some cobwebs away.

 8. Get active

Head down to your local park and set up a family game of rounders, hire bikes or take a trip to your local swimming pool. It’s healthy, fun and it’ll tire them out!

 blue bells

9. Flick on ‘the flicks’

See a family film at the cinema – there are some great ‘art deco’ cinemas across the country that offer something a bit special. Saving money? Grab some popcorn, turn the lights off and have a family movie night in your own home.

10. Check out ‘what’s on’ near you

Have a search for ‘what’s on’ listings near you. There are always festivals, events and workshops for kids taking place across the region – just take a look.

What are your top tips for making the most of your family time during the holidays? Leave a comment with your top tips or post your comments on our Facebook page