Memory Box Spring Edition 2014

After a long winter of wind and rain, spring is finally springing: the daffs are blooming, chicks are hatching and the Memory Box Spring 2014 Edition has finally arrived, ready to download for free right now on your iPhones and iPads.

Guest Editor, David Almond

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This Edition’s Guest Editor is award winning children’s author, David Almond. Many of you will have grown up reading his books in school or to your own children. David has been involved with Memory Box since the very first Edition of the app was released in autumn 2012, contributing his own story ‘The Handcuff King’: “Pay! Get your money out and pay!” are the words that resonate in his mind as he remembers an eccentric character, an escapologist from childhood visits to the Quayside market. David found the escapologist both terrifying and fascinating all at the same time, and the memory of this character clearly made quite an impression, even inspiring his novel ‘The Fire Eaters’ (2013).


As our Guest Editor, David has chosen four stories for the ‘Featured’ page of the Memory Box app. These include ‘Grandad’s Splinter’ by Florence Palmer, ‘My Sister and I’ by Alice Newton, ‘Salvation Army Christmas’ by David Jackson and ‘Long Legs of Newburn’ by Joan Philipson.

“Four little tales of ordinary life. What they show, of course, is that every life is extraordinary. Grandad’s Splinter is short, sharp, scary – just like the splinter itself. My Sister and I is told with lyricism and a real poet’s eye. Salvation Army Christmas is filled with precise and moving detail. Miss Long Legs of Newburn (what a great title!) brings surprising information from an age that seems very different, but was not so long ago. Each of the stories shows the richness of our ‘ordinary’ language, and give glimpses into the strangeness, humour, horror and beauty that surround us all.”

— David Almond

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Featured Stories

Over the last few months the team have been busy collecting stories from around the world. To add to our collection of stories gathered from Los Angeles, we’ve been working with partners from .lkj (Magdeburg, Germany) and Kunstbedrijf (Arnhem, Netherlands) thanks to support from MitOst to gather stories based on the theme of ‘home’. We trained up our partners to deliver and adapt Memory Box workshops in their own communities, and the stories created in these workshops are featured in the Spring Edition of the app. Our partners are now in the process of running their own workshops with new communities and young migrants and these stories will also be added to our ever-growing community.


You can find out more about our work in Europe here.

p.s. got a great memory of spring or summertime? For a chance to be featured in an upcoming Edition of the app, upload your own story using photos and audio here.