My L.A – Day 9

Sunday 22nd September

 We didn’t have a great deal of time to spare before my flight today. So, after some consideration Jordan and I decided to drive back to the Farmers Market so that I could try some of San Francisco’s famous Clam Chowder. We actually ate rather a lot. But I really wanted to try everything that we’d seen the day before. So, aside from the Clam Chowder (which is my idea of food heaven) we also bought a cone of meat…just because it was a cone of meat! and the best Key Lime Pie I have ever tried as well as macaroons washed down with some locally roasted coffee. It was a stunningly bright day and everything looks so much more beautiful than the day before.

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On the way back to the house to collect my bags the tyre on the car blew out. Which was kind’a scary as we were travelling on the free-way at the time. It was all a bit mental, but we managed to limp through to a side street to make an SOS call to my father-in-law. We couldn’t get the tyre off, we couldn’t get help and Jordan was a bit tense. With not long to go before my flight I felt surprisingly calm. We rang for a ‘Lyft’, which is a newly established idea in LA. It’s kind of like a taxi service, only more like car-sharing, which helps people who don’t have cars of their own to get around LA for cheaper than the price of a taxi. A very nice woman showed up ten minutes later with a giant pink moustache attached to the front of her car. She asked us what was happening and said ‘Just cancel the lyft and I’ll change your tyre for you’. She was so, so nice, and worked very hard for the next hour, in the blazing sun trying her best to get the last nut on the wheel undone. it wasn’t to be. With less than an hour before my flight and still only three wheels on the car we decided to ditched the car and made a mad dash for the house to collect my bags and Dylan, and then to the airport. Braking all the airport rules the Lyft lady dropped me at my gate, before speeding off to take Dylan and Jordan back the dodgy side of town to rescue the car. I’m pleased to be able to say that after a stress free security check I made it to the departure gate just in time to walk directly onto my flight and back to LAX.

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