My L.A – Day 8

Saturday 21st September

Today was about being a tourist. Dylan and Jordan were very obliging hosts. We had a real whistle stop tour. Which of course included a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was lousy, and I didn’t think that I’d be that impressed, especially knowing that Yorkshire has its very own (larger) suspension bridge. But the contrast of the red of the bridge and the blue of the water really made it worth seeing. Set in a rugged landscape, with a low lying mist that almost gave it a tropical feel. I’m romanticising I know. But it really was lovely.

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Next stop was Pier 39, a very touristy spot from where you can see Alcatraz Island, buy salt water Taffy and best of all watch the local Sea Lions show off. Very entertaining. Just a short walk from here, along Fisherman’s Wharf and tucked behind the SS Jeremiah O’Brien is the Musée Mécanique. A completely mental, massive collection of old coin operated mechanical musical instruments and antique arcade machines…..Including Zoltar. Very exciting!

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The sun came out just in time for our arrival at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, a beautiful 1898 ferry building filled to the brim with food stalls, café’s and restaurants. The views from your Clam Chowder include the massive Oakland Bay Bridge, which takes your eye across the bay to West Oakland’s heavily industrial skyline. 

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From here we made our way down town. I LOVED that. In a very tentative way, it reminded me of Newcastle. Being able to walk from the Oakland bridge to Union Square and shopping central was great. A city centre, with people, shops and heritage. It is so very different Down Town LA. For the first time since arriving in the US it felt acceptable to WALK somewhere. Having said that there are a phenomenal amount of old school trams or ‘trolleys’. I really like San Francisco.

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We ended the day sitting on a blanket, glass of wine in hand, watching the sun set into the Pacific ocean. Perfect.

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