My L.A – Day 5

Wednesday 18th September

Today was a long day. But it was most definitely worth it.

Workshop two went really well. The quality of the content and range of stories is much better than I could have hoped for. We had a full house again, with the addition of a new member too. Although the workshops aren’t as long as they should be, we do seem to be making good use of our time.


Each member of the group concentrated on sharing their story today. With the remainder of the group giving positive guidance and support. The conversations that each of the stories sparked demonstrated true passion and interest in both the subject and the city. I don’t want to reveal at this stage what the stories were about, so I you’ll have to wait until I have them recorded.


Finally, I wanted to say that Kim was massively supportive today. We worked until 6.30pm, searching though the archives, digging out exact images that would best bring the participants stories to life. Her level of dedication to the project has so far been huge, and I’m so grateful for that.


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