Memory Box Launch

The launch of the second Memory Box app was a huge success with hundreds of users enjoying the app from around the world. It’s important to look back and see what happened during the launch period and how we’ve increased our presence.

We were very impressed with the amount of downloads we received. Although we don’t want to present actual figures we can give some other statistics. Almost every country was up over 100% from the previous week’s period and nearly half of our existing user base has been able to update. Although this is slightly on the low side it’s important to factor in that Memory Box is only for iOS 7, and therefore, we had to wait on users to upgrade their devices before they could update the app. We significantly increased our footprint in the American market thanks to some great press from publications.

Throughout the launch we ran Facebook ads that increased our likes eight times over. We decided to target the ads at people interested in ancestry, genealogy and also those with iPads, iPhones or iPods to increase downloads there. The ads were designed to encourage people to like our page and this has been very successful. We hope to run more ads soon for Facebook that would encourage users to install the app directly on their device.

iOS 7 really helped to drive downloads as well. People were extremely interested in seeing the design of our new app and how this fits with an OS as a whole. It was also interesting to see how other apps like Facebook had ditched the sidebar for a tab bar, which Memory Box also uses. Our design was featured on a specific blog called ‘Made for iOS 7’ where a number of people commented on the design. This was revealed before the release of iOS 7 which helped to create awareness.

We were privileged to be featured on two top websites, ‘AppAdvice’ and ‘Business Insider’. App Advice review and write articles about apps, Bryan Wolfe wrote an article on Memory Box with its many features and about the new design for iOS 7. This saw an increase in downloads as more people from a technical background discovered and downloaded the app. You can view the article here:

One of the most surprising articles came from Business Insider, 340 on the Alexa rank. Memory Box was featured as one of the Top 25 Beautiful Apps For iOS 7. This article was released two days ahead of iOS 7 and caused an influx of downloads for the old version. Luckily the majority of these users were soon upgraded to iOS 7. You can view the article here:

The power of these two tech websites showed that online press is extremely important for apps and is something we’ll continue to do in the future.

The past three weeks have been incredibly successful for the Memory Box app and we look forward to updating the app in the next new months. Click here for more information on our upcoming developments. Please download the app and let us know what you think.