Features Coming Soon

Find out what’s in store for the Memory Box Winter Edition in November and what the future holds in 2014 for Memory Box. www.memoryboxstories.com

The first update to the app, the Winter Edition, will be available via the App Store as a new offline update in November. Version 2.1 will include new app features as well as a fresh new ‘Featured’ page with exciting new stories from around the world, including stories from our Los Angeles Cultural Exchange project funded by the British Council. The Winter Edition will also feature stories chosen by a new surprise Guest Editor – keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter page for the announcement!

Around the same time we will be launching the official Memory Box website, further extending the Memory Box platform and enabling you to access all stories. The website will have similar features to the app including the ‘Featured’ page and search functions that will enable you to find stories using a timeline, map, or browse by category. Soon you’ll be able to view every story on your iPhone, iPad and desktop.

The next major update will be in 2014. The ability to tell your own story has always been an important part of Memory Box and finally everyone around the world will be able to tell their story. An uploader will be created for the website that will allow users to upload audio recordings of themselves telling their story with pictures from the past to create a story that can live in the platform and be shared publicly or privately with friends and family.

Throughout development the blog will be regularly updated with news and features we are working on for the next few months and years.