Month: September 2013

Features Coming Soon

Find out what’s in store for the Memory Box Winter Edition in November and what the future holds in 2014 for Memory Box. The first update to the app, the Winter Edition, will be available via the App Store as a new offline update in November. Version 2.1 will include new app features as well […]

Memory Box for iOS 7 is out now

Download the new version of Memory Box today : After months of development we can finally release Memory Box version 2. As previously covered this a complete re-write from scratch with entirely new features and a new design. The app is available to download now in the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. […]

Introducing Memory Box for iOS 7

Introducing Memory Box for iOS 7! Apple’s new operating system will be launching next week and we are finally able to unveil the brand new Memory Box app complete with screenshots. iOS 7 is fast approaching, Apple yesterday announced the release date: 18th September. The new iPhone will also be released on 20th September. The […]

iOS 7 Iconography

From skeuo to neue – Our designer, Neringa explains Apple’s move away from Skeuomorphic design. Memory Box will be one of the first applications built specifically for iOS 7. From skeuo to neue –  These have been two of the most difficult to pronounce words in our office since we started developing Memory Box app for iOS7. Still, from skeuo (for skeuomorphism) to neue (for Helvetica Neue) […]